The French word "giclée"  ( zhee-klay ) means a spray or a spurt of liquid. Giclees are printed with superior archival inks on museum quality canvas.  These canvas wraps are unrivaled in color tone and depth. This is without question the ideal way to present a photographic image.

All of my work is available in Giclee format. I stretch the canvas on 20" x 26" x 1 1/4" deep wood stretcher  frames. The archival inks are waterproof and  will retain their color tone indefinitely. The finish is Luster, which has a mellow sheen.

The price is $ 189 and includes shipping.

Custom sizes of 12 x 16 ; 15 x 20 ; and 18 x 24 are also available. Just send an email inquiry, Thanks.

All Giclee's are signed by the artist.

The Edges :  Another term sometimes used for Giclee is 'Canvas Wrap'. The canvas wraps completely around the edges of the stretcher frame . This removes the need for a picture frame. However, this is totally personal preference. They look great hung unframed but feel free to frame them if you choose.

Some artists  have the image wrapped completely around the edges. I don't stretch my canvas's that way. I keep the entire image on the front of the frame. Otherwise I feel my formatting would be compromised. I often use black or use tones and textures from the image itself to 'wrap' the edges.
















Scale:  So what is the scale of a 20" x 26" Giclee on your wall  ?


Thanks to Sherry for posing :)