Artist Statement

One of the things  that I enjoy about eating with chopsticks is that it slows the process down. It enhances the experience by forcing you to choose and look at each bite.

Photography is like eating life with chopsticks.

You slow down, you look for the nuances …  you carefully choose each ‘bite’. Each frame you shoot is a tasty morsel of this beautiful palette we live in. And the beauty of it is that the special ones you can keep and share with others.

People always ask a photographer, “What kind of pictures do you take?”

It’s a tough question to answer if you don’t have a pat answer like “weddings” or “portraits” or “landscapes” or ‘wildlife’. My best answer for that is “I chase light”.

Yes photography is about subject matter, and composition, and framing the shot, and color, and contrast … but mostly it is about light. By definition it is light. Light being reflected by, absorbed by, illuminated with, shadowed from ... it is catching all the interactions of light with your chosen subject.

Light is in constant dance with the world around us.  A perpetually changing palette, different every moment, never to be exactly the same ever again. Fleeting moments to be observed, appreciated and with any luck … captured through the lense.

Art is a conversation between the piece and the viewer. My artistic goal is to evoke a variety of reactions : a sense of place, the joy of this earth’s beauty, a sense of déjà vu, …. perhaps a visual conundrum.  I title each piece to reflect my interpretation. However; while I have my own take on my images meanings and their significance ; it is your interaction with and interpretation of them that matters.

 Please enjoy.


Artist Profile

John Bice has been studying and pursuing photography for over 25 years.  His work has won awards locally, nationally, in Canada and in Japan.

His subject matter is eclectic with an emphasis on light and nature.

He strives for a ‘unique perspective on the normal’.